Sunday, April 21, 2013

This is so what I looked at last night with Barkley and Ray.... Ray wouldn't let me take a picture... :( but I found this on face book this morning and had to steal it to post here... it's says it all... hehehe love you Barks and Ray.....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Today at 3:32pm I became Mrs. Donna Studley 17 years ago. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I married my soul mate. Just the fact that he and his driver manager managed to rout his loads this way so he could be home with me on our 17th Anniversary. Thanks Kim... Once again, he didn't disappoint me in his choice of gifts. one is a vase with a button on the back and one closed single rose in it. You push the button and the rose opens up to reveal a decorated bottle cap saying I Love You. He also bought me a rain chain. The rain chain is a string of 10 small pots that you put where a downspout is so the ray runs thru it and it makes a beautiful sound. I know what I an doing today. I will put up my rain chain because we are supposed to get rain today and I want to hear it. I love you honey... always will...
Yesterday, mom and I did our usual Friday Grocery shopping. It was a big shop because I not only had to buy for the house but I had to buy for Ray's next trip out. Yup he's home. He got home Thursday night and is here until sometime Tuesday. I am going to take advantage of actually being with my honey while he's here because I miss him so much when he isn't. Thank goodness for Barkely, he's my companion dog while Ray is over the road. So while shopping mom found some new dog toys. After sifting thru the display she found just the new toy she wanted to buy him. Yes Gramma Rogge likes to buy him squeak toys. This one is a squeaky hedgehog. He hasn't stopped either playing with it or protecting it from us for a day and a half now. I think he likes it Mom... Thanks Mom for treating Barkley like one of the family... I love you.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A couple weeks ago Mom's ladies club group sponsored a small carnival over the two Easter weekends. on the first day they allowed people to rent spaces to sell stuff... mom rented me a space so I might be able to sell some of my craft things. so I got busy making stuff and on that Saturday it was a wonderful sunny day... we set up my tables and set out my wares nicely and waited to start selling... talking up stuff as people stopped to look but sold very little... it was advertised as a rummage / craft sale and I think most people came looking for the yard sale type stuff instead of the hand made stuff... there was a girl across from me that was trying to sell handmade jewelry... her stuff was beautiful but why would I buy from her when I make my own jewelry? we spoke and she asked if maybe some time I could teach her how to sew... I said yes and now am waiting for her to have the time to come over to learn... I did get a message from her the other day saying she just checked her e-mail and replied that she would get back to me when her schedule allowed... I think it would be fun to teach someone how to sew... it's really easy to learn.. I am going to make some new stuff to add to my stash of craft things to sell... I am planning on keeping an eye out for a real craft show sometime before Christmas when I'm sure my things will sell... not at a yard sale... Crochet kitchen towel hangers, Origami photo boxes, sore muscle bags to heat or chill, pin cushion scrap catchers, snow baby ornaments and microwave potato bags.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Barks again

I know I don't post regularly but I do give it a try... today's story is about my favorite subject. my dog, Barkley. Yesterday was an unusual day for us... first as I was Getting ready to go grocery shopping with mom I was not paying attention to Barks. Well I guess he decided he had to "go" really badly... I'm now ready to go but have to make one last potty break before leaving the house and when I go to the spare bathroom right in the middle of the floor is a doggie poop... I wasn't mad, upset or anything. I figured he tried to tell me but I didn't get it as I was getting ready to go out and he really had to go so he actually chose to go to the bathroom in the bathroom... I know I should have reprimanded him with some "bad dog" stuff but I couldn't bring myself to because this is the first time since he's come to live with us that he's had an accident and it wasn't his fault... when you got to, you got to go.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My new companion

It's February 25, 2013 and here I am posting on my blog... the pictures are of Barkley my new "puppy". The pic of him on his back sunning himself, I think he's channeling Emma because that was her favorite spot and favorite thing to do. Then there is a pic with him standing up using the window sill for his front paws doing a scan to be sure everything outside our home is safe... good dog. The last pic is of him in my lap... yes he's 70 pounds and thinks he's a lap dog... but only with me... I put my reclyiner up, he hears it and comes over and puts his head on the raised foot part and stares at me until I welcome him up...he lays between my legs on the chair and puts his head on my chest then falls asleep... He is such a blessing to my life as my husband is an over the road trucker that is gone at least 4 weeks at a time and home for a very short 3 days. Barkley loves it when Ray comes home almost as much as I do. Ray can play rough with Barkley unlike me and he has a huge tug 'o' war toy that they have a blast with. This last trip home while Ray was tugging Barks around I was smart enough this time to pull out the camera that does video. Yep i videoed them. Then I posted it to youtube... the title to search for it if you want to watch it (it's short) is Tug 'O' War and I think it's under a sub catagory of pets. Oh and the pic of Barks sitting up is the one I saw on a facebook classified's website... I saw him, contacted his foster mom and went that very day to get him. He has the most beautiful markings and his eyes are so brown and as my husband puts it he looks sad... well he's not sad he's a very happy and loved rescue dog who found his forever home... with me...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's been a really long time...

i know it's been a really long time, but i've had trouble getting back into life without my christian. for four years i coldn't even step into my craft room as i only started really scrapbooking the day he was born. i wanted to document his life as we were never sure when he would be taken from us. well we got to keep him with us for 8 wonderful years. i still cry, then i think of something he had done that made me laugh and i laugh. i have pictures of him "everywhere" in my house so he is always with me in pictures, but he is always in my heart and soul. i still miss you like crazy munchkin. this past february, actually on valentine's day, i had to say goodbye to my faithful cat emma. she was 23 years old and came out of the craft room and just looked at me and said it was time. her sister died 3 years prior. i found her in my dining room... i didn't want to find emma that way, i didn't want emma to suffer, so i did the most difficult but humane thing and had her put down. about a month later i found this picture on a facebook website, "poinciana classifieds", of a dog. not just any dog, a black mouthed cur. he was a rescue and was presently living with a foster mom. i contacted her and now he is mine. i called animal control and transferred the paper work over to myself... yep he is MINE. his name is Barkley, most of you know him thru facebook. he's quite the character and is quite large. about 50 to 60 pounds. he's got a great bark and i'm sure when someone comes to my house and he barks they think twice about coming in. he makes for a great watch dog. i think i've had him about 6 months??? he's very attached and loves to jump in my lap while i'm in my reclyner and sleep... yup a 50 pound lap dog. lol anyway, i'm going to do my best to keep up with my blog and yes i'm back in my craft room so i will be posting things i make to share with you all... love being back, donna